Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * Hence the need of tools allowing for a realistic forecast of how a change in the current conditions will affect and modify the future scenario. In short scenario simulators and decision support tools. In this framework it is highly important to launch new research directions aimed at developing effective infrastructures merging the science of data with the development of highly predictive models, to come up with engaging and meaningful visualizations and friendly scenario simulation engines.
An important addition is that for using big data appropriately we need to resolve also issues that relate to the data itself, their protection, ownership, interoperability. i.e. example deriving from TT project: we registered while interviewing the 13 pilot leaders fragmented policies regarding GDPR across Europe. many stakeholders were hindered to share data, making big data analysis and use difficult and sometimes not possible.  Pilots did follow specific methodologies to facilitate this which delayed their business.
acrivi_k, 17/09/2019 12:16
Also Extra training or assistive tools was suggested pilots, natural language explanations offered for everyday users Pilots have suggested that even national or regional authorities interpreting complicated issues such as: who owns the data and weather these data are personal
acrivi_k, 17/09/2019 12:18
Shefali Virkar
Greater research into decision support tools as applied to policymaking is required, therefore.
Shefali Virkar, 30/09/2019 11:44