Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * Most importantly, big data can be used for continuous evaluation of policies, to inform the policy analysis process, while even empowering and engage citizens and stakeholders in the process (Schintler and Kulkarni 2014, p. 343).
Big data can be used and citizen may engage only if we can ensure that data is reliable, complete, transparent (i.e. not biased, sources are disclosed).
lmontandon, 21/06/2019 08:55
Francesco Mureddu
Yes this is one of the research challenges below
Francesco Mureddu, 21/06/2019 21:52
Luca Alessandro Remotti
Agreed: see my comments above. The use of data is not obvious, though, and not necessarily immediate.
Luca Alessandro Remotti, 05/07/2019 11:24
Emvol Trompev
I don't know if we need big data techniques on that. Maybe classic data analysis is enough.
Emvol Trompev, 22/07/2019 14:48