Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * Making sense of thousand opinions from citizens
Gabriele Mereu
Opinion mining, sentiment analysis, especially from social media
Gabriele Mereu, 21/06/2019 13:26
These opinions might be not well informed or even unjustified (e.g. the consistent overestimation of the percentage of foreign-born individuals in the population), therefore they require caution and special scrutiny and cannot necessarily be taken at face-value
fokusianer, 26/06/2019 16:37
Andrea Bodei
Sentiment and text analysis
Andrea Bodei, 05/07/2019 18:14
Emvol Trompev
Argumentation techniques could be of help here.
Emvol Trompev, 22/07/2019 14:55
Apostolos Arsenopoulos
Coming from all social groups or targeted, based on their knowledge and expertise?
Apostolos Arsenopoulos, 26/07/2019 16:20