Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * In this regard, there is the need of emerging technologies that addresses this problem by “closing the loop” and providing a mechanism for integrating modelling, simulation, data analysis and visualisation. This integration allows a researcher to interactively perform data analysis while avoiding many of the pitfalls associated with the traditional batch / post processing cycle. This integration also plays a crucial role in making the analysis process more extensive and, at the same time, comprehensible.
Gabriele Mereu
This research challenge is deeply linked with modelling as the results of scenario simulations can be interactively visualized.
Gabriele Mereu, 21/06/2019 15:40
Francesco Mureddu
Yes we are considering visualization as a transversal challenge
Francesco Mureddu, 21/06/2019 22:19
Anthi Fyta
Real-time simulation is far more important than visualization. Actually, it's a predecessor.
Anthi Fyta, 24/07/2019 14:53