Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * Policy making typically would like to rely on open (and free) data. One case is that the needed data is simply not collected and the level of granularity needed or targeted. Another case is that data is actually collected but since it is an asset by those who collect and detain it, it is not shared or shared at a (high) cost.
Spiros Mouzakitis
I found it hard to fully understand the paragraph. Anyway, i see many more problems. E.g. unstable regulation might result in confusion on how to take advantage of data. Another case is that data are out there but policy making organizations lack the know-how to collect and/or process them.
Spiros Mouzakitis, 05/09/2019 18:21
Anna Triantafillou
Quality data are the most important. Why not pay for them is necessary?
Anna Triantafillou, 19/09/2019 07:45
Anna Triantafillou
Anyway, all data that are produced by public sector is (or should be) free.
Anna Triantafillou, 19/09/2019 07:46
Evmorfia Biliri
I agree with Ana, quality is the most important aspect.
Evmorfia Biliri, 24/09/2019 09:20
Shefali Virkar
This is a convoluted formulation. It is unclear in both instances what the consequences are or will be.
Shefali Virkar, 30/09/2019 10:06
Noella Edelmann
I agree with Shefali, this point is somewhat complicated, some ideas: "would like to": should "case"/"other case" on the one hand/the other hand In the second case: simplify the statement by saying something like "data is collected but not shared"
Noella Edelmann, 30/09/2019 13:48