Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * The challenge addressed is to detect (or even predict) problems before they become too costly to face. Clearly the definition of what is a “problem” to be solved has a political element, not just analytical (Vydra & Klievink, 2019)
Spiros Mouzakitis
Although citizens might not come to recognize the value of the policy (as we tend to recognize the importance that something has only if we lack solutions).
Spiros Mouzakitis, 10/09/2019 13:55
Anna Triantafillou
Predict is the bast case
Anna Triantafillou, 19/09/2019 07:48
Evmorfia Biliri
Cost is not the top priority here i suppose. Dealing with important societal problem should be the focus.
Evmorfia Biliri, 24/09/2019 09:24
Shefali Virkar
This is an important facet to be considered, as it implies the presence of political variables that need to be factored into the agenda setting process.
Shefali Virkar, 30/09/2019 10:18
Noella Edelmann
Problems have increasingly been considered "wicked problems", pointing out the complexity of the problems and that solutions required must be more more than political or analtical.
Noella Edelmann, 30/09/2019 13:51