Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * Moreover according to Höchtl et al. (2016, p. 159) governments can identify emergent topics early and to create relevant agenda points collecting data from social networks with high degrees of participation and identifying citizens’ policy preferences. Clearly, using data from social networks needs a big amount of data cleaning and quality check. In that regard, dedicated discussion spaces (e.g. Opinion Space in the past) ensure better quality.
Spiros Mouzakitis
This might ask for more effort that is seems. Citizens indeed discuss issues in fora and social media. But only in dedicated places these issues refer directly to public services, policies etc. "Meta-analysis" might be needed in order from typical social media comments to come up to valuable input for policy making.
Spiros Mouzakitis, 10/09/2019 14:16
Anna Triantafillou
Social networks are full of bots, promoted posts etc. I don't know if they are the best source.
Anna Triantafillou, 19/09/2019 07:50
Shefali Virkar
This proposition consists of two separate issues: 1) government use of social media networks to enhance participation, and 2) the legal and ethical implications of using this data. The connection between the two ideas needs to be more clearly articulated.
Shefali Virkar, 30/09/2019 10:30
Noella Edelmann
Social media/social network monitoring is a delicate issue because on the one hand there are benefits, but may have an impact on citizen trust.
Noella Edelmann, 30/09/2019 13:53