Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * A second facet of this research cluster is transparency in the policy making process and availability of information and data from the public administration, which is also related to the ability to collect sufficient data, which is not a given, especially when dealing with local public administrations. Concerning the transparency in the policy making process, computer algorithms are widely employed throughout our economy and society to make decisions that have far-reaching impacts, including their applications for education, access to credit, healthcare, and employment, and therefore their transparency is of utmost importance.
Dionisios Chrisanthopoulos
I agree that we should let the "machines" decide in many aspects. But end-users should be convinced that it's for the best. As distrust can undo even the most effective and efficient system.
Dionisios Chrisanthopoulos, 13/09/2019 21:45