Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap

[...] * Following Misuraca (2018), nudging has long been recognized as a powerful tool to achieve policy goals by inducing changes in citizens behaviour, while at the same time presenting risks in terms of respect of individual freedom. Nudging can help governments, for instance, reducing carbon emissions by changing how citizens commute, using data from public and private sources. But it is not clear to what extent can government use these methods without infringing citizens’ freedom of choice. And it is possible to imagine a wide array of malevolent applications by governments with a more pliable definition of human rights.
Gianluca Misuraca
At the same time, as AI and IoT-technologies are General Purpose Technologies, it is likely that we can find these technologies being embedded in so many different contexts and cases, so the possibility of assisting in tackling societal problems is almost limitless. IoT could potentially even make us aware of societal problems we didn't even know before, due to the data collection it is able to do. Especially with opportunities of data-sharing among private and public organizations, we could become aware of different societal problems made discoverable by data coming from IoT.
Gianluca Misuraca, 25/09/2019 17:54
Shefali Virkar
The Behavioural Insights Team has conducted extensive applicative work in the domain.
Shefali Virkar, 30/09/2019 11:57